Tell Mike and Boris what you think about Brexit

Mike meets with Boris Johnson in his office in the House of Commons

Our new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has committed that we will leave the EU on 31st October. I want to hear what you think.

Please take a minute to complete my Brexit survey.

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Britain leaves the European Union without a deal
Try to reach a deal, but still leave without a deal if a good deal can't be reached
Try to reach a deal, and stay in the EU if a good deal can't be reached
Cancel Brexit and stay in the EU
I don't want to see this happenNot importantQuite importantVery important
Control of our money: Britain no longer pays a large annual memebrship fee to the EU
Control of our laws: The European Court of Justice can no longer uoverrule British courts or overturn British laws
Control of our borders: Britain can decide its own immigration policy and end unrestricted free movement
Control of our trade: Britain can negotiate its own trade deals with countries around the world and choose its own measures to protect UK industry from unfair imports
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